A place protected
by the UNESCO

The saltworks of Formentera were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999.

They constitute an exceptional site due to its 2.600 years history and to the Posidonia meadows that surround the island.

coeur salines

Posidonia Oceanica:
a plant with exceptional virtues

Posidonia Oceanica is an underwater plant that is mostly found in the Mediterranean Sea.

Although living underwater, it is not an algae but a real plant with roots, stems and leaves. Its presence in the water is beneficial because it produces large quantities of oxygen. In May 2006, a team of international scientists discovered a vast meadow of Posidonia Oceanica between the islands of Formentera and Ibiza, wich is 8 km long and 100,000 years old.


Discovering Posidonia Salt

David Calzada Pous reactivated the salt production in Formentera in 2008.

It was while testing the quality of the water that he discovered that in liquid form, Posidonia Salt had a very harmonious taste comparable to other high quality sea salts.


Salt that takes
care of you

Salt is everywhere, but sometimes a little too much. It is preferable to choose foods that contain a lower sodium level.