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Work with Posidonia and reduce the sodium content of your products by 25% or more. In addition to having a significant impact on people’s health, you will have an additional marketing argument to boost your sales. You will thus anticipate the intentions of the WHO, whose Member States have decided to reduce the salt consumption of the world’s population by 30% by 2025.

In conclusion: decide yourself to reduce the salt in your products today and enjoy a benefit in terms of image. Otherwise, you will be imposed a reduction without being able to use it.


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"The use of Posidonia as a natural and sustainable product has allowed us to differentiate ourselves and invest in the health of our customers with healthier and tastier breads. Posidonia also gave us a new visibility"

Pascal Boone
Carrefour Belgium (RETAILER)
Head of Bakery

LCB Bakery has been using Posidonia for six months. Offering bread with less salt has allowed us to differentiate ourselves. It also helped us to convince new customers in retail and local authorities. Using Posidonia is an excellent return on investment.


Ghislain ‘t kint

Posidonia is recommended for anyone concerned about their good health. I advise my patients to consume the reduced salt breads from Carrefour or Delhaize.


Aurore Collignon
CHR de Liège (HEALTH)
Chief Dietician


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Posidonia success
Posté le 29/01/2019
Posidonia Salt was presented during the Belgian news broadcast. Everything about its creation until its first contracts. RTL-TVI, Journal Télévisé, 01/11/18
Un sel liquide meilleur pour la santé
Posté le 29/01/2019
" La consommation excessive de sel est un vrai problème de santé publique. Le sel de Posidonia est un sel naturellement bas en sodium. Selon Aurore Collignon, diététicienne en chef au CHR Liège, il est à conseiller à toute personne soucieuse de sa bonne santé", La Libre Belgique 20/10/18
Moins de sel, Marcel !
Posté le 29/01/2019
"Le Belge consomme deux fois trop de sel, augmentant considérablement son risque de souffrir de maladies cardiovasculaires. Des sels « moins salés » existent mais ils ont souvent un goût différent du sel classique. Une startup belge tient peut-être le sel idéal…" Par Metro, 08th March 2018, Belgium