Less sodium
= better health

Salt generally consists of 60% chloride and 40% sodium. When people say that they should watch their salt intake, it is to prevent excess sodium from generating high blood pressure. For your health, therefore, choose food with a lower sodium content.


Proven effectiveness

Over a 10-year period, salt intake in the UK has been reduced by 15%. At the same time, stroke and heart diseases decreased by 42% and 40% respectively.

The influence ofPosidonia

By using Posidonia© salt, our partners reduce the sodium content of their food products by 25% and more. An excellent way to improve the health of their customers.

Sodium in 5 questions

Salt – whose scientific name is sodium chloride (NaCI) – is composed of 40% sodium and 60% chloride. When we talk about the health impact of salt, we are actually talking about the effects of sodium.

Where is the sodium hiding?

What are the effects of sodium?

What is the recommended sodium intake?

What is the impact of sodium on cardiovascular diseases?

What is the impact of sodium on obesity?